Where to Find Modern Homes in Atlanta

If you have a taste for modern homes in Atlanta, you definitely can find them sprinkled around the city! There are certain neighborhoods that seem to have more modern/contemporary homes than others. There are no zoning requirements about where a modern home can be built (except if you find yourself in a historical district), so you can almost find a modern home built within any part of the city. While I couldn’t list every nook and cranny of where you might stumble upon a modern home, I will list out a few areas where they seem to be more abundant. Disclaimer – My list will be focused on the Intown Atlanta area market (ok, I may splurge just outside the Perimeter, but I’m drawing the line there!).

Top 3 Places To Find Modern Homes in Atlanta:

1) Old Fourth Ward

The first neighborhood that always comes to mind when someone wants to find a true modern home is to consider Old Fourth Ward. Within the past 5 years, there has been an abundance of newer modern homes that have been built in the O4W. In fact, if you drive down several streets, you’ll find one swanky modern home after another. I personally think the modern style really fits in well with this neighborhood. The area has a hip vibe, close to all things walkable (Beltline, Ponce City Market, Midtown…to name a few), and lots are close together so a sleek, tall building makes total sense in this area. You will also find that the modern homes comes in a variety of styles including modern single-family homes, a duplex-type setup, or townhomes.

Old Fourth Ward Modern Home Stats:

Average Sale: $850K
Highest Sale: $1.26MM
Lowest Sale: $499K


2) Reynoldstown

This may come as a surprise, but there are lots of modern homes in the neighborhood of Reynoldstown. Reynoldstown has a mix of bungalows, craftsman, and newer constructed modern homes. You’ll find that there is a huge mix of both single-family and townhomes boasting the modern style. What is enticing about buying a modern over in Reynoldstown is that it typically has always been more affordable compared to other Intown locations (such as O4W). If you have your heart on a modern but just can’t shell out $800K+, a much more affordable option I would consider would be Reynoldstown. Reynoldstown is situated to many exciting areas – the Beltline is probably the highlight and there is the Edgewood Retail District just across the street for all your daily shopping needs. (Side note – if you can’t find anything in Reynoldstown, also check out it’s neighbor Edgewood which is also full of moderns!)

Reynoldstown Modern Home Stats:

Average Sale: $611K
Highest Sale: $740K
Lowest Sale: $477K


3) Northcrest

Where’s all my Mid-Century modern lovers at? So this is where I’m going to go just outside of the Intown Atlanta area and skip across I-285 & south of I-85 into a little area in the Northeast corner of Atlanta called Northcrest. If you haven’t driven out in this area before, it’s worth perusing. It is FULL of Mid-Century Moderns built in the 1960’s in an established neighborhood surrounded by tall trees and winding streets. The major positives about this area is that you get so much yard and space for your money…and it’s much cheaper than the other areas I’ve mentioned above. Most of them have been nicely renovated to today’s standards and they all are comprised of a fairly similar floor plan. It’s so fun to see how people have renovated/styled these homes.

Northcrest Modern Home Stats:

Average Sale: $416K
Highest Sale: $469K
Lowest Sale: $360K


So there you have it. My top 3 places to find modern homes in Atlanta. Like I said, modern homes are scattered everywhere – from Buckhead, to the West End, East Atlanta, and Brookhaven. As you can also see – there is a range of sales prices depending on the location.

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