What is the Atlanta Beltline?

So if you have recently moved to Atlanta or even visited the Atlanta area, chances are that you have heard of the Atlanta Beltline. What is they hype around this Atlanta Beltline anyways? It’s just a walking trail right? It’s way more than that and Atlantans absolutely LOVE the Atlanta Beltline. Why? It’s an amazing way to experience all of the fun Intown Atlanta neighborhoods by foot (or scooter, bike, one-wheel, or roller skates). These days, everyone wants to live by the Beltline. In fact, the Atlanta Beltline is what we would consider “beach front property.” The closer you live to it, the more expensive it becomes. We have seen the phenomenon of what the Atlanta Beltline has done for the neighborhoods that surround this popular walking/jogging/bike path.

Back in 2012, when the Atlanta Beltline first opened, it was just a 2 mile section extending from 10th and Monroe (near Piedmont Park) and ending in Inman Park (at Irwin Street). When this section was completed, we saw instant popularity and house prices started to rise in the area. Fast forward a few years, another section in a much more transitional part of town, the West End, was going to be getting its section of the Beltline completed. Knowing how popular the Beltline was, investors starting buying up all sorts of  property on the West End at very cheap prices (think $30-$50K). Granted, many of these properties were in very poor condition and need a complete overhaul, but investors saw the ROI (return on investment) after fixing up these properties. In fact, fixer upper properties quickly spiked from $50K to $200K in a short span of a few years.

When fully completed, the Atlanta Beltline will be a 22-mile loop around the City of Atlanta, connecting 45 neighborhoods together. The projection is to have it completed by 2030. The early planning stages of the Beltline started in the early 2000’s, so what a crazy almost 25-30 years this Beltline journey has taken us! And many thanks to the Beltline committees that work endlessly to bring this whole concept to life!

What I love about the Atlanta Beltline is a few things. 1) It connects all these great neighborhoods together so that people can experience the great things in each of these neighborhoods without having to get in a car and drive to it. 2) It’s a fun way to get exercise plus it’s a FLAT path which is nice for those of us that run and need a break from the Atlanta hills (which we all know can be so dreadful!) 3) It has helped out some underserved neighborhoods attract more first-time home buyers to buy homes in their neighborhoods and really change the neighborhoods around for the better and 4) More development has happened all along the Beltline, bringing in more businesses, jobs, etc.

If you haven’t taken a stroll along a portion of the Beltline, I strongly encourage you to take a few hours, take a walk, jog, or ride down the Beltline and pop in at one of the many stops along the Beltline to enjoy a cocktail, lunch, or some shopping. And that is just exactly why everyone loves the Atlanta Beltline!

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