Welcome to Druid Hills!

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Please help me give a warm welcome and congratulations to Nathan and Renata on their new home in Druid Hills!  This lovely traditional home has something that is hard to fine in Druid Hills – a gigantic FLAT backyard. I met Nathan and Renata more than over a year ago when I helped their parents in a home search. I learned during that time that Nathan and Renata were outgrowing their current house (also in Druid Hills) and would be needing more space sooner than later.  I knew that staying in Druid Hills and having a home with a large useable backyard was key for them.  I casually kept my eye out for any potential homes that I thought might fit their wishlist and long story short, we found this beauty and snatched it up.
I honestly couldn’t ask for nicer, down-to-earth clients like these two.  I am so so excited for them to start making new memories in their new home.  Warm wishes Nathan and Renata!!
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