Welcome Mark and Julia to Winnona Park!

Mark and Julia blogOne great way to end a week is to see a great couple purchase their first home.  That is exactly what Mark and Julia did today!  I had met Mark several months ago at our weekly Saturday run group.  We happened to be chatting during one run and had learned that he and his wife Julia were in the beginning stages of looking for a home to purchase.  Mark and Julia moved from Boston to Atlanta last year and have decided that buying a home was their next step to establishing themselves here in Atlanta.  Having met with both Mark & Julia to discuss their home search, it was quite funny how it all worked out.  Their initial priorities included having 4 bedrooms, a backyard, a separate dining room, and the location of the home wasn’t quite as big of a concern.  However, after they started driving around neighborhoods, viewed homes, and also thought about schools for their little boy, their initial must-haves went out the window!  It was quickly decided that location was the top priority and the # of rooms didn’t matter.
The home they ended up finding was a bit of crazy good luck.  It wasn’t even on the market but heard through a co-worker that a friend was wanting to sell their home in Winnona Park.  The seller was afraid to list it on the market in fear that an investor would come in and tear it down and build a big home on the lot, something that is happening a lot in the Winnona Park/Decatur area.  Their home is a cozy 2-bedroom cottage home that was well-taken care of by its owners.  Even though there is only 2 bedrooms, there is a lot of potential to expand the home, which is something Mark & Julia plan to do next year.  There is a spacious backyard to build onto or the potential to add on a second floor.  I’ll be curious to see what they end up doing!
I was happy to help this couple navigate their first home purchase.  They couldn’t have picked a better location.  Winnona Park is a short drive to downtown Decatur and they live just a block away from a park, which I’m sure they’ll be using a lot with their little boy Stevie.  Congrats Mark and Julia!!
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