Top 6 Reasons to Live in Morningside

I am a huge fan of Morningside.  If I already didn’t live in Virginia Highland, I think Morningside would be my next top pick.  I’ve listed my top 6 reasons to live in Morningside below:

6) Highly-Ranked Elementary School

The Morningside Elementary School (located on East Rock Springs Rd NE) is always a top-ranked Altanta public school.  It’s nestled almost in the middle of Morningside, so it’s an easy option for many parents to walk their children to school each day.

5) Morningside Nature Preserve

We all know that Piedmont Park is a wonderful park that is close by, but there is another option in Morningside’s backyard called the Morningside Nature Preserve.  It offers easy hiking trails and is an excellent place to bring your dog for a walk in Atlanta.  There’s a small creek along the trail that dogs love to take a dip in.  One tip – if it has rained recently, be prepared to get your shoes muddy.

4) More Yard Space

The lots in Morningside are typically a little larger than what you’d find in Virginia Highland.  Granted, the lots are still not HUGE by any means, but typically homes are set back from the street a bit further and you have more of a backyard to play around with.

Morningside Average Home Sales3) Quiet Neighborhood

A huge portion of Morningside is located on non-main traffic thoroghfares.  It’s easy to get turned around in Morningside with all of the winding streets that lead you in circles and perhaps this is why less cars try to cut through some of these streets.

2) Homes Hold Their Value

A common concern many homebuyers have is the question about the re-sale of their home.  The good news for Morningside homeowners, the value of homes in this neighborhood usually remain steady or improve over time.  Because of the intown location, an exceptional Atlanta public school zoned to Morningside, and overall excellent range and condition of homes, the average sales price of Morningside homes tends to remain fairly stable (even during the housing fall-out in ’08-’11).

1) Classic Tudor Style Homes

The Morningside neighborhood is full of original brick, tudor style homes.  One of my favorite streets to find these homes are located on Pasadena Ave NE.  If you’re interested in all home options in Morningside, view all Morningside homes for sale HERE.
If these reasons don’t impress you enough, here are a few other goodies that I always enjoy about this area:

  • The Saturday morning farmer’s market (Across the street from Alon’s Bakery) is always full of fresh produce and baked breads.
  • The annual Atlanta Christmas 5K (great family event) ends at the Morningside Presbyterian Church and has the BEST post-race snacks (think lots of cookies with festive sprinkles, hot chocolate, and coffee).
  • The only Alon’s Bakery found inside the perimeter is here in Morningside which is known for having an excellent bakery and is a great spot for sandwiches, salads, and catering.
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