New Homeowners in Grant Park!

Steve and PatsyToday, I’d like to wish a congratulations to Steve & Patsy as they closed on their new home today in Grant Park. I really enjoyed working with them on their house hunt.  They are not strangers to home ownership, having own several homes in the past prior to moving to Atlanta.  With this past experience, they really knew what to keep their eye out for in finding a good, solid home.  Steve & Patsy have been renting in Grant Park and knew they wanted to remain there.  I can’t blame them…having the park and zoo in your backyard is a great feature!  Starting in the summer months, we checked out several different homes on the market and were able to do some thorough research on fair pricing based on size, condition, and interior features.  The one they fell in love with is truly stunning.  Unlike most homes in Grant Park, their home is a newer build and features beautiful crown molding throughout the home, a nice front sitting porch, and the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen!  Cheers to Steve & Patsy on your new home!
Aren’t familiar with Grant Park?  Check out my Grant Park page HERE for a further description and homes for sale in the area.

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