Matt and Kate Buy a Modern Farmhouse in East Atlanta!

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Please give a “Hip Hip Hooray!” to Matt & Kate who just bought this lovely modern farmhouse in East Atlanta!  The modern farmhouse style has been a new trend over the past few years, and many modern farmhouses can be found right here in East Atlanta.  BUT…this particular home by far outshines the rest (in my opinion).  Built in 2015, this 4/3 house packs in some extra details that you just can’t find in the typical farmhouse style.  For example, the rustic wood ceiling in the dining room is a showpiece in itself.  You’ll also find rustic wood accents thoughtfully blended with other textures throughout the house which give this house an oh-so-stunning look.
I met Matt & Kate after they reached out to me over 2.5 years ago. Yes, 2.5 years!  The search started in Candler Park (and ideally Inman Park) but nothing great was popping up within budget – and good potentials that did come on market would get the dreaded “multiple offer” scenario.  We considered everything from major fixer uppers, small renovations, custom built homes, and even a brief exploration of townhomes.  And we started to expand options of location: from Candler Park to the Westside, Grant Park and ultimately East Atlanta.  I knew Kate had lots of vision for different homes that may not have been perfect at first glance so it was fun to hear her thought process of what she could alter in a home to make it her & Matt’s own.
After a 2 1/2 year search (on and off that is) and 8 (or maybe 9?) offers later, this East Atlanta modern farmhouse gem came on the market. “This. Is. It.” per Kate & Matt.  I may be exaggerating a tad, but I could tell how much this house was the dream home they’ve been searching for.  We had 2 other offers to compete with (can we say nerve-wracking?!?) but in the end, we won the bid!  The negotiations for repairs and such were not the easiest (to say the least) but in the end, this home is going to have the sweetest, adventurous, and just down right good people living within its walls.  Cheers to you Matt & Kate!
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