Homes You Can Buy Right Now In Atlanta For $750K

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If you are looking for your dream home in Atlanta and have a budget up to $750K, where are the best places to find a home in that price range?  The answer really depends on what you are expecting in a house – do you want a fully decked out new(er) house with all the upgrades or are you willing to deal with a good sized older home that is probably 75% updated but has a killer location?  This is a tricky spot for Atlanta home buyers to be in.  Let me give you some suggestions of what homes you can buy right now in Atlanta for $750K Keep in mind that I will only be discussing homes that are in the $700-$750K range…not $650, not $500…that is for another article! (See previous posts including “Where to Buy Homes in Atlanta on a $550K Budget” & “Where to Buy Homes for $350K or less“)
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Single-Family Homes Under $750K:

If you want new construction or newer construction w/ all the upgrades:

My top picks for a new (or newer) home in Atlanta in the $700-750K range would be in Kirkwood or southern Brookhaven (for exa: Brookhaven Heights, Brookhaven Fields, Ashford Park). In Kirkwood you can get all the upgrades you swoon over in the $700K price range.  Just a few short years earlier, a new construction home with all the bells & whistles in Kirkwood would have been in the $500K range but that ship has sailed I’m afraid.  Some of the southern areas of Brookhaven still have newer homes that land in the $700K price range but that is not as common these days.  While most new builds in Brookhaven will be in the $900+ range, there are still some with lower price points and are typically re-sale but still newer (built within the last 5-10 years).
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If you prefer popular Intown locations, be prepared for an older home needing some updates:

Homes in Morningside, Lake Claire, & Candler Park are all areas that are my favorites for homes that have all the old 1920’s charm and have fabulous Intown locations.  Morningside tends to have a slightly better location to walkable areas (such as VaHi shops & Piedmont Park) but the homes in the $700’s in Morningside tend to have an older feel with chopped up rooms, sometimes quirky layouts, and probably still needs updates.  Lake Claire & Candler Park are still wonderful locations that are slightly more removed from all the intown hustle and bustle and you can find an almost perfect old house in the $700’s — maybe just a bathroom that needs to be re-done.  Options in this price range are very limited and buyers must move quickly to snatch homes in this price range up!
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Best Atlanta Townhome For $750K:  28th at Brookwood

There aren’t a ton of townhome options in the $700-$750K range right now in Atlanta.  If I had to pick out of the small handful of options, I would have to choose the new construction in Brookwood (which is the area in between where Midtown & Buckhead meet along Peachtree Street).  These 4 story townhomes are being built by Rockhaven Homes and have 4 bedrooms/4.5 baths with a 2-car garage.  The 4th level is a rooftop terrace which will be excellent for entertaining and viewing both the Buckhead and Midtown/Downtown skylines. The location is perfect for one that wants to be in the middle of the Midtown & Buckhead life and also within a short walk to the Northside Beltline Trail and Brookwood restaurants.  The first set of townhomes are slated to be done by early summer, so there is still time to make finish selections!
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