Heather moves to East Atlanta!

Heather Moves to East AtlantaThe start of March has been exciting so far with Heather signing over paperwork to her new home in East Atlanta!  That’s right, Heather moves to East Atlanta just a few months after it was claimed that East Atlanta was the 3rd hottest neighborhood in the U.S!  Heather is not a stranger to home ownership as she has lived in Lilburn for several years.  Now, she is ready to live a bit closer to the city near work, friends, and well….I’m selfishly excited about Heather moving closer to town because she’ll now only be a 15 minute drive from me!  Heather and I are good friends, so I was thrilled that she made the leap to move.
We happened to be chatting one afternoon and she had thrown out the idea of searching for homes. I jokingly told her to go get pre-approved (I didn’t really think she would take me up on that suggestion!).  Sure enough, about 4 hours later, she told me she was pre-approved!  I set her up on a home search and just like that, she found a home that she loved.  We met up a day later to check out the home and I saw the grin Heather had when she saw the home.  It was love at first sight!   The home is a charming 2 bedroom cottage that had just been renovated and filled with oodles of cute features.  I think the best part about this home is the amazing original windows in the master bedroom which we both drooled over.  This home is so cute but knowing Heather (who is a Pinterest queen), she will turn this home into mega-adorable.
I am thrilled for my dear friend Heather and am so excited to have her closer Intown.  Congratulations Heather on your move to East Atlanta!  If you’re interested in homes in the East Atlanta area, search all homes for sale in East Atlanta HERE.

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