8 Features of the Candler Park Neighborhood

When people look for intown Altanta homes with walkability, they automatically flock to Virginia Highland, Morningside, or Inman Park.  And many of those people get hit with sticker shock when they see the prices of homes in those areas.  One neighborhood that shouldn’t be forgotten is the neighborhood of Candler Park.  There are several features of the Candler Park Neighborhood that make it compete closely with some of its popular neighbors (and you can still find a few homes priced in the low $500’s!).

Discover 8 Features of the Candler Park Neighborhood:

Candler Park Freedom Parkway Trail1) Walking Trail – Like to walk (or bike?).  Besides the friendly neighborhood sidewalks, Candler Park backs into the Freedom Parkway Trail, which offers a nice, wide stretch of paved surface perfect for a stroll or bike ride.
2) Candler Park Golf Course – Not many intown Atlanta neighborhoods can say they have their own golf course.  But Candler Park can!  Ok, so it’s not anything fancy but the Candler Park Golf Course is perfect for those wanting to get a quick round of golf in before dinner or warm-up before a big weekend golf outing.  It’s a 9 hole golf course, with 4 par 4’s and 5 par 3’s.  The prices are cheap ($10-$13) and no special golf attire is needed.
Candler Park Shops3) Shops and Dining – Candler Park doesn’t have a ton of restaurants to flock to, but it does feature a charming block with a few food options.  Located at the intersection of McLendon Ave NE & Clifton Rd, you will find the infamous Flying Biscuit.  It’s small and packed on weekends, but the wait usually moves pretty quickly.  A little hidden gem that I think many forget about is the local Candler Park Market.  It is a small grocer (I wouldn’t rely on this for my everyday grocery shopping, but maybe if I needed a quick thing or two) with a handful of grocery items, wine, and beer.  Make sure to go to the back of the store to order a sandwich at the Candler Park Market Deli.  Looking for a unique venue in Atlanta to host a baby shower or bridal shower?  Go across the street from the Candler Market to Dr. Bombay’s.  It is a lovely, old-world style interior perfect for an afternoon tea, sandwich, ice cream, or pastry.
4) Great Elementary School – Candler Park hosts one of the higher ranking Atlanta public elementary schools, Mary Lin Elementary.  Residents of Candler Park, Lake Claire, and Inman Park are zoned to Mary Lin Elementary.  A several year construction project has been happening to add a facelift to the elementary school building and is set to be complete this year (2015).
Candler Park Features5) Spacious Park – Candler Park in fact has a park named Candler Park.  It includes a public swimming pool, playground equipment, basketball courts, a ton of open field space perfect for kicking around a ball, throwing a frisbee, etc, and also 4 tennis courts.  From time to time, my husband and I like to attempt our tennis skills here.  But, if you find that all the tennis courts are taken, try driving down a few blocks to North Ave NE & Euclid Ave NE.  There are 2 more tennis courts there (along with a full-sized basketball court).
Candler Park Bungalow6) Cute (and slightly more affordable) bungalows – If you love bungalows, Candler Park is filled with bungalow homes.  Candler Park has grown in popularity over the past several years, so home prices have increased.  BUT — there are still usually some slightly less expensive bungalow options in Candler Park (compared to more pricey options in Inman Park or Virginia Highland).  From time to time, there is a bungalow priced near $500K.  It may be on the tinier side, but they usually are adorable and worth the money when you factor in the great neighborhood and all that it offers.
7) Location, Location, Location – Candler Park is nestled in between several awesome neighborhoods that are easily walkable to.  You’ve got Druid Hills and Virginia Highland to the north, Decatur and Lake Claire to the east, Inman park to the west, and the eclectic Little Five Points next door.  Access to I-20 is quick and Candler Park is only a short 10 minute drive into Midtown/Downtown.
8) Festivals and Fun – The residents of Candler Park are a mix of young families and people that have lived there for 20+ years.  Candler Park has a relaxed, friendly and inviting vibe that is contagious.  Residents also know how to have fun including its annual Candler Park Festival at the end of May and Fall Fest and Tour of Homes in October.
There you have it.  Intrigued by some of the features of the Candler Park neighborhood I listed above?  Check out all current available homes for sale in Candler Park by CLICKING HERE.

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