Congrats to Happy Homebuyers Dave & Allison!

What a great way to start off this week.  Dave & Allison just closeDave & Allisond on a home located in the beautiful Morningside area.  They had been renting in Midtown for several years while finishing up grad school and after they found out that their new jobs were going to keep them in Atlanta, they were looking for a permanent place to call home.  They knew a general area of town they wanted to be in so we really focused our efforts in finding the right home in the right location.  I had such a great time working with this couple and felt privileged to help them in their house search.  They now have a big home for their baby to grow into, a large yard for their dog to play in, and already they have met tons of their neighbors who all have young kids and puppies.  What a perfect match!

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