Check Out The Beacon In Grant Park

Grant Park has a new hang out hot spot called The Beacon. This isn’t exactly brand new – the buildings have been around for the past year (or more?) but I remember just about a year ago when most commercial spaces were still vacant or had “coming soon” signs in the windows. If you stop by The Beacon today, you’ll be welcomed with some new places to hang, eat, shop, and did I mention eat? The Beacon is located next to Eventide Brewery along Grant St SE in Grant Park and will be just off the Atlanta Beltline trail (once it is developed!).  Below I have provided a small description of some (not all!) of the shops that caught my eye on my most recent trip to The Beacon.

First you’ll find Pin & Proper perched up on the hill looking downwards to the rest of the Beacon located on Grant St SE. Pin & Proper is a unique venue with food/drinks and fun! Besides their pub food & drink menu, this building has an area in the back to play a game that is kind of like corn hole. You throw a football to the other end and try to knock down bowling ball pins.

A small walk down the hill next door is a coffee shop by day and bar at night called Buteco. It’s described as a Brazilian-inspired coffee shop, bar, and Brazilian street food.

Then you enter upon the main artery of the Beacon. You’ll probably first notice the Mexican restaurant Potria Cocina. I had a good experience the first time I ate there. It was a nice casual place with lively decor. Plus there is a great big outdoor patio which is awesome for those really nice evenings to hang outside and sip those margartias. The portions were big and overall the fajitas I ordered were pretty tasty.  (And bonus points that Patria Cocina is kid friendly!)

The main building includes an indoor hallway with a few different food shops including a mini-grocery store called Third Street Goods which has a small handful of fresh produce, snacks, interesting sauces and pasta, and daily made-to-order sandwiches. Other eateries within the Beacon include Marguerites Jerk Bistro (a Jamaican-fusion bistro) and Baker Dude (a casual dining experience with a mix of mouth watering cupcakes, pastries, bread, and also lunch items like fresh pizzas & sandwiches – oh and they serve breakfast too!).

Right next door is another sweet treat spot – A Haute Cookie. I just had to go into this one on my most recent trip and sample a few of the cookies. Let me just say that they were delicious!  Not only do they whip up a large selection of fresh cookies, they also make mouth watering ice-cream cookie or brownie sandwiches. Just take a look at the picture and you’ll see those beauties! They also make cookie dough popsicles too which sound amazing. I couldn’t eat all of this in one day but you can see what I did take home to my family was a sprinkle cookie for my toddler and a peanut butter chocolate cookie for my hubby. (I sampled both of course!)

On the other end of the Beacon is a wing called “Artists Cove.” Here artists can work on their pieces and their “office” converts into a storefront in the evenings where shoppers can view/buy their work.

If you were interested to live and play by the Beacon, you should check out a new development of condos call the Pratt Stacks. The layout of these units are unique – each condo is 2 stories and 2 condo units are stacked on top of each other (if that makes sense?). I took a tour of a few of the units and here is a peek inside one of their larger units. I loved the balconies, big windows in the bedrooms, and the master comes with a pretty size-able closet! It honestly feels more like a townhome because you have the 2 floors so that is a nice surprise. If you are interested in seeing more about the Pratt Stacks, see what is for sale below. (The Pratt Stacks are being marketed by The Providence Group).

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