Alex and Carrie Are Making Edgewood Home

Alex and Carrie HomeToday I am thrilled to announce that Alex and Carrie just signed off on a brand new home in the neighborhood of Edgewood!   It was a treat to be able to help them with their home search and it’s always enjoyable when I get to help out personal friends.  I have known Alex and Carrie since they moved here from Austin about 2 years ago through a running group.  When they notified me last year that they were planning to purchase a home, I started to give them some of the step-by-step instructions on how to buy their first home.  They were an ideal pair that followed the right steps — get pre-approved, start scouring neighborhoods, and figure out what they want in a home.
One of the main priorities in their home search was to be somewhat close to downtown (where both Alex and Carrie work).  Being close to MARTA or an easy bike-ride into downtown was a must.  We looked at several neighborhoods (from Kirkwood to East Atlanta and O4W) and then Carrie and Alex mentioned a home that they “just wanted to check out” in Edgewood.  When we stepped into that house (which was newly built), I saw the look Carrie had on her face and knew she was sold.  It’s a well constructed house (even the home-inspector was impressed at the minimal flaws!) with an open floor plan, and lots of space to grow into.
Welcome home Alex and Carrie!
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