5 Reasons To Love Cabbagetown

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The tiny 1/4 mile radius neighborhood of Cabbagetown packs a big punch of local flavor when you consider the many characteristics this historical area provides. Here are 5 things to love about Cabbagetown and make the neighborhood so unique:

1. Narrow streets & small homes in Cabbagetown:

If you take a drive around the condensed neighborhood, you’ll start to notice that many streets are very narrow (kind of reminds me of New Orleans).  Many of the streets will find cars parked along them simply because the make-up of most of the homes in cabbagetown are older bungalows that do not have drive-ways.  Not only can some of the streets be narrow, but so can the homes!  You’ll find small cottages (some even a 1-bedroom only cottage) or very small bungalows in certain parts of Cabbagetown.  However, there are some slightly larger bungalows/craftsman and even some newer builds have popped up over the past few years.

2. Lofts

One of the most eye-catching landmarks in Cabbagetown is the home of “The Stacks” which is an old cotton mill that was renovated in the 90’s to the most unique loft spaces I’ve ever seen.  1-bedroom lofts can range from the low to mid-$200’s while 2/2’s can sell in the low $400’s.  They are located right along Boulevard and Carroll St.  Another set of lofts, the Mill Town Lofts, are along Wylie St.  These are “newer” (built in 2006) and have some of the loft feel while having updated features.  A 1-bedroom sells in the low $200’s while 2 bedrooms are selling in the low $300’s.

3. Food in Cabbagetown

Many people probably don’t think of Cabbagetown as an eating destination, but Cabbagetown does have it’s own set of unique pubs and restaurants.  Right across from Cabbagetown Park is the oh-so-cute Sweet Cheats, a bakery & coffee shop. I bought a brownie and cupcake on my last visit, but let me just tell you, the selection was vast and it was really hard to make a decision with so many options.  If you are looking for a casual breakfast or lunch spot, check out Carroll Street Cafe.  If you are seeking a local watering hole in Cabbagetown, try Milltown Arms Tavern on Carroll Street or 97 Estoria on Wylie Street.  One of the newest restaurants to hit Cabbagetown this year (2017) is Petit Chou on Memorial Drive.  It’s food is described as a French Southern style comfort food sourced from local ingredients.

4. Krog Street Tunnel

An even more distinctive landmark than the Stacks building is probably the ever changing graffiti art in the Krog Street Tunnel.  Take a ride or walk through it at some point (and maybe even take a selfie!).  It’s a sight to see and really shows off the urban and hip nature of Cabbagetown.  You can also find more graffiti along Wylie Street which overlooks the Downtown skyline.

5. Chomp and Stomp

You can’t talk about Cabbagetown without mentioning it’s very popular Chomp & Stomp Chili Festival held every October.  You would not believe how jammed packed this little ol’ neighborhood becomes when the whistle blows to start testing out the chili entrepreneurs. This is one festival not to miss – great people watching, music, and food — but just be prepared to Uber or walk to the event as parking is tight, tight, tight!
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