4 Steps To Getting Your Home Ready To Sell This Spring

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We all know the best time to list a home for sale is in the Spring months.  If you are considering selling your home, here are 4 steps to getting your home ready to sell this Spring.  I am not a procrastinator by nature so these steps I suggest are to help those that don’t want to feel rushed and overwhelmed.
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1) Pick A Listing Agent to Help Sell Your Home

I recommend doing this ASAP.  Even if it’s January, don’t be afraid to figure out who you want to use as your listing agent months in advance.  There are TONS of real estate agents to choose from and this can be an overwhelming experience in and of itself.  Asking for friend recommendations, researching agents online (like Zillow, etc), or finding local agents in your neighborhood are all starting points.  I could write a whole blog on how to pick the right real estate agent, so for now, I will not elaborate on this topic.  The main point is that you should figure out who you want to use as a real estate agent, then have that agent evaluate your home, come up with a projected listing price, and a good agent should be able to give any specific pointers on what you can do to help get your home picture perfect and ready to sell.
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2) Fix Those Pesky Repairs You’ve Been Putting Off

Things you can do months in advance of listing your home are to start fixing any apparent problems in your house that you have been ignoring — Leaky faucets, broken fencing, electrical issues, replace stained/worn carpet are just a few examples.  Does your home need a fresh coat of paint (interior and/or exterior)? This is something you can easily knock out and a new layer of paint can really make a home feel fresh and move-in ready.
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3) Declutter

Decluttering is also something you can work on during the winter months.  Remember, potential buyers don’t want to see all your knick-knacks, trophies, rows of family pictures, stacks of books, and well, JUNK!  If you are victim to saving everything, start packing (or throwing away) some of these things into storage containers that you can put out of sight.  Or if you have too much furniture in rooms that make them look overcrowded, start moving those pieces into a storage unit.  Potential buyers want to see how spacious a room is and if you have too much furniture clogging the walls & walkways it will make the rooms feel small.  Do you have kids who have buckets full of toys?  Try to donate the toys the kids no longer use & only keep 1-2 large plastic storage boxes of toys available for your kids to play with.  That way, when you do start to allow showings at your home, you can quickly pick those toys up and store them in the box.  I think it’s ok to have some toys on display in a kids room – just make sure they are arranged in a tasteful manner (not piled up a mile high in a corner that looks like total chaos).
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4) Evaluate the Exterior Of Your Home

Remember, curb appeal is huge!  Take a look at the front of your house.  Does the yard need a landscaping makeover or perhaps just a little sprucing up?  You can start researching into landscapers (assuming you don’t want to tackle the project yourself) during the winter months and create a plan with your landscaper of what to do and when to execute the plan.  Pressure washing is also another easy task that can brighten the exterior walkways, patios, & driveways of your home.  Do this within 1 month of listing your home so it is ready to go for pictures.
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Or are you just curious to know how the home sale process works? Read more in detail about our marketing plan.
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